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My name is Rebecca Woodhead and I did NOT get into this to make money, but that's what happened anyhow.

On this page, you'll see the story of my first three weeks, when I went from someone who wanted to help her clients with cashflow to being the top recruiter in the company, and beating people like Jonathan Budd and Ray Higdon on the Magnetic Sponsoring leaderboards!

Here's the story of those 21 days ...

THE FIRST STEP: I made the video below on the day I joined. 
Scroll down to see my results after the $10 trial and after 3 weeks...

Only promote companies and products that you feel ethical about promoting. This company is a stable, long term business, not a flash in the pan. The products are proven to be some of the best in online marketing. This stuff is gold!

Click the first banner to see the quality of the squeeze pages and sales pages you get as part of the system to promote them. No work for you. Ready made and ready to go!

Forget 100% commissions on businesses with no products, or shoddy products. Imagine getting 100% commission on THIS quality of products. You already KNOW these sell. They are BESTSELLING products.

You could take all the profit. Watch the videos below to see what that could mean to your wallet. 


Results After the 10 Day $10 Trial ...

Results after 3 Weeks ...


Here's What Magnetic Sponsoring Says About Me ...


N.B. As I am the top recruiter in EMP, my results are clearly not typical. Your results will be your results. However, when I was where you are now, I had NO idea I would become the top recruiter... 

Look at the video at the top. I just got into this to help my clients. I'm just a word nerd trying to help some indie authors earn their own advances, and some home business owners to create more passive income.

What is your 'why' for this?

Write it down before you decided to join.

Focus on your why.

I did, and I ended up doing better than I could have imagined.

In under a month, there's nearly $4,000 sitting in the back office of Magnetic Sponsoring, with my name on it! Most of that is residual income. It'll come to me over and over, as long as those people are in the system. Not bad for less than a month's work, part-time, when I wasn't even in it for the money!

I was in it to help other people. I decided before I hit the button to join that I'd be in this even if I didn't cover my costs. The fact that it brought in a stack of cash to help me have more time to write my own books is pure serendipity. The money's just a bonus.

What is your intention with this?

Fix it in your head before you click the button at the bottom of this page... 

It wouldn't be legal for me to say you could get the same results, because who knows what results you will get? Not even you know unless you try. Maybe you won't earn a thing. Maybe you'll earn way more than me. Nobody can guarantee anything can or can't work, but it'll only cost you ten bucks to find out. Is it worth $10 to you to give yourself the chance to change things? There's even a money back guarantee on this.

It's a no-brainer.

By the way, since I mentioned numbers, the FTC wants me to be cheezy and show them (ew!!) so here's some EMP numbers from the last 2 days. In the video below, I give you the full details ...


Even if you're looking at this and thinking that you want to earn that kind of money, and that's what is driving you, it really isn't. Don't jump at numbers. Use them as an indication that something works, so you don't need to question it on that front any more. Instead, think of what you want that money for, or even if you're interested in this for things other than the money - as is the case for me.

Here's some of the benefits that people in my team have gained aside from money. I've been running a video challenge in my private group. Here's some of the results ... 

A blind, single mother is making videos regularly and teaching people how to put aside their excuses and be courageous. 

A lady who had suffered with poor self-esteem has also begun making videos, and is creating leads and building her list for the very first time.

A chap who'd never made a marketing video in his life got to the top of YouTube in a few days, just using his iPhone to film himself!

Those results mean WAY more to me than the money or the hundreds of leads. Ultimately, people are the most important thing, and if we can help people to become more of who they truly are, isn't that the point?

Isn't the point of being here at all to make a real difference to other people? Isn't it cool that when you decide to make a real difference to the lives of other people, and you find the right vehicle to do that, you get paid? I think that's pretty awesome. 

Here's how the payments work ...

  • 100% Commissions on Magnetic Sponsoring products
  • Lead capture pages
  • Done for you email campaigns
  • Co-branding for you WITHIN Magnetic Sponsoring and other products. HUGE!!!
  • Lead generation and Traffic building
  • Blogs (see second video)